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Yamaha 250 HP V6

The new Yamaha 250 HP big block engine is the ultimate V6 outboard engine (with stunning XTO-inspired styling and all new features). This engine is powerful and ideal for boats up to 30 feet long, but it can also be used for larger boats up to 40 feet long. The new 250 V6 outboard engine is an unrivalled combination of cutting-edge technology, thrilling performance, and blistering acceleration. The engine is intended to work with all types of boats. It has been successfully tested on a variety of boats and yachts in a variety of conditions. The Yamaha 250 V6 outboard engine is built to the highest quality standards, ensuring peak performance for your boat or yacht.

Drive–By–Wire (DBW)
Models available: F250XD (X (25′′) shaft).
FL250XD (left engine, counter rotation, X shaft)
F250UD (30′′ U shaft)
FL250UD (right engine, counter-rotation)
F250ED (E (35′′) shaft) – price upon request


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